Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Entrepreneur Series: How I Met "The One"

It was a beautiful Summer afternoon...actually that's a lie. It was quite hot, as Texan summers go. I had run out of gas, can you imagine. I hate stopping for gasoline. I've said this time and time again, but someone needs to invent a way to refuel your car automatically. Drive up to a filling station, push a button and have the pump do its thing. You get my drift? and no I am not lazy :-). I usually drive as long as I can on reserve tank until I know I'm about to cross the point of no return before I stop for gas.

Anyhow back to how I met "The One". So I'm standing by the roadside with my hands fluttering helplessly while trying to figure out who to call for help..then I look up. Walking majestically towards me is the most idea. Yea, sorry to disappoint you, this isn't what you thought it would be :-D. Although If I do ever run out of gas, I have my 4in heels in the back seat ready to whip out...just kidding.

However the subject of today's post is just as important. Like most people, as the year 2014 draws to a finale, I've been thinking a lot lately about what I have accomplished so far. Its been a very very long eventful year as a fully fledged Entrepreneur-wanna be. 2014 was the year I decided to make all my business ideas official. I launched out into the to speak. OH BOY has it been a ride! My heart still cringes when I remember the 20 large trays of food I had to toss away, claiming a big fat whopping loss. Or that one time my car got stuck in the mud after my GPS led me down a lonely dirt road straight into the Forest at 12am. But these are all stories for another post coming soon after this one.

The most important thing I gained this year was finding/having people who spoke my hearts wise. As an Entrepreneur, you have to be very very careful about who you share your dreams, visions and partnerships with. You have to find people who compliment you more so in the beginning than at any other time. People who have the same end goals, who speak the same language, who have the same drive for success as you do, people you can trust with your life basically. This little big thing will either break or make you. Finding the right partners in business is nothing short of a blessing. I thank God because He has brought a few people my way who have been instrumental in fostering my visions. He has given me a few "The One's". The "One's" who take my dreams and show me how they could be bigger. The One's who grab my ever dying phone (If you know this, then you KNOW me lol) just to make sure I actually fall asleep. The One's who make sure I actually do cook for myself. The One's who stay up all night with me and are available on a moments notice. The One's who helped me financially. The One's who listened as I ranted and raved. The One's who calmed my fears. The One's who kicked my behind to continue running when I burned out. I could go on and on because I have been very blessed in this area. They are the reason why after year 1, I am at the cusp of something amazing...

So you, what are you reminiscing about as the year ends? I would LOVE to hear from you. Share your funny entrepreneur/non entrepreneur stories with me down below.


Monday, November 3, 2014

African Entrepreneurs, Lets Fight Mediocrity!

Disclaimer: I am an ardent supporter of Africans and African enterprises. So this is no bash session. This experience is not the norm with ALL African restaurants States side...just a few

If God were to give me a choice to choose my origins, I would choose being African over anything else. I think we have such a beautiful, resilient, resourceful, genius, cheerful, failure-is-not-an-option Spirit. There are many many success stories of African entrepreneurs in and out of Africa doing amazing things. Could there be many more? Yes, but mediocrity is killing any ounce and chance of enterprise longevity.

Case in point: I recently went to lunch at a small African restaurant in Houston well known for their "authentic" grilled Tilapia Fish. The 1st problem I encountered even before getting there was, it was after dark and I couldn't for the life of me find this place. It was located in a very...questionable area. Call me paranoid but as a female, I got out of my car and made sure I triple locked my door. There was one street light which in reality was meant to service the gas station it was adjacent to and a non reflective business sign did not help matters. But hey, I understand not every one has a big budget to rent prime real estate, this is perfectly OK to a certain extent. So anyways, I walked in, it was a small little cozy place which I LOVED because I'm not one for mass produced-big eateries.

The Decor was something out of a dated early 1990's African living room. Zero for decor, however I loved the very laid back, communal African vibe of the other customers. It felt almost like one big family having dinner. I met up with a couple of friends who luckily had already pre-ordered the Fish so I wouldn't have to wait long. There was absolutely NO waiter/waitress out front to take orders. They pretty much had a cook and the kitchen help (an older African gentleman) who doubled over as the waiter and cashier. This was bad bad because you walked in and had to wait for God knows how long hoping you can intercept him as he served previous customers. He had zero-nil customer service. With a very neutral, indifferent stare he quietly took down your order in his head then shuffled slowly away. No friendliness, no smile, nothing. I literally had to coax a smile out of him by being very appreciative and friendly. Anyways, 10 minutes later the Fish came out. It smelt like everything I expected it to be....glorious...Or maybe it was just my hunger at that point making me salivate. First taste was great. Second taste, I paused...Why did the pepper seasoning taste spoiled, rotten, sour!? I thought I was just being too critical because as an ardent cook myself, I know how things should taste like.  I tried the "Suya" and I almost spat it out. Yuck! It was spoiled. First of all, they used BBQ brisket and just chopped it up as suya!?? Who does that? Such a sham. I understand trying to cut corners, but that was downright deceptive. I am the biggest BBQ lover and I know my meat. Fast forward to the next day, I spent half my morning on the toilet seat. Yes people, it was that bad.

My critic is not the first, I know many many people who say the same thing about most African restaurateurs in Texas. As much as I would love to support my fellow small time African Restaurateurs, I have to say, to eat at one of these eateries is a major liability in itself. Why are you serving me rotten food? How wrong can you go with roasted Fish? And why do we as a community continue to endorse this mediocrity?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Finance 101: Your Entire Life is a Delete Button Away...


Its a known fact, the World runs on debt. Debt financing, speculation, leverage, margin, yada yada yada. Get to know these words because they control your life. You don't believe me? Ok, say you buy a house, take out a bank loan, education loan, what determines the interest rate you receive? Ah I forgot, you're the type who deals in cash only. Fine, so where exactly is your retirement/pension fund held? Do you know what happens to it? or you think its sitting in a bank somewhere collecting dust?

If your money is in a savings account, over the long run, you'll more than likely loose the battle with inflation and suddenly your $10k is worth as much as $5k. Say hello to Mr Depreciation. So might as well have it in the Market. Market here meaning, trading stocks, mutual funds, fixed income, derivatives etc. So lets say you have it in the Market, you run the risk of loosing it ALL...Now you realize how your life is tied to the Worlds Financial system? What happens in London, Hong Kong or even Mongolia will affect you. Education is power especially when it comes to your finances. Make no mistake, ONLY money makes money. Ok, lets start by watching the following video below. It will make you think and ask more questions. This is exactly what created the economic burst in 2008/2009. All what I just said might not make much sense to begin with, so overtime I will break it down. Visit the blog often though :-). Finance Education 101 coming your way...

The Problem With Fear Is... takes no prisoners. The truth is, it doesn't have to because it kills you first. Immediately it plants its seed within you, it shoots out young roots of doubt to every area of your life. Just like a tree, with time, these roots become stronger. Fear breeds more fear. Before you realize it, you have a full blown Iroko tree of fear planted firmly in your life. Now, this is where the fun begins!

You see the problem is, because it starts out as a small seed, we see no real threat in letting it "hangout" with us. Then it begins to manifest itself in our daily lives. We start rationalizing its existence, making excuses for it.You absolutely cannot afford to flirt with fear. It will paralyze your dreams, visions and future. It will make you constantly second guess yourself. You will begin to feel inadequate, not up to the task. The unfortunate thing is that it doesn't end with you. It is a contagious epidemic. It reaps relationships apart. As a parent, you transfer it on to your children. You preach the gospel of fear to them until they subconsciously buy into it The psychology and negative manifestations of fear is one reason why Poverty is a terrible thing. "The psychological feedback loop that keeps the poor trapped in poverty...has three links: poverty causes stress and negative emotions (ie: fear) which lead to shortsighted and risk-averse decision-making, which can, in turn, exacerbate poverty"(Haushofer).

So, how do you get rid of this little bugger called fear?
  1. I'm sure you're familiar with the saying, prevention is better than cure? well same rule applies here. Don't entertain it. Nip it at the bud the very moment you notice it trying to silently posses your mind. Fear is a mind thing .
  2. So what if it already is part of your life? fear not, (pun intended) you still can get rid of it. The mind is a very powerful thing and guess what? You own it. You can control your mind with the power of reenforced positive thinking. Quite cliche I know, but its the truth.
  3. Write down (if you care to) what your fears are on one column. Start doing all the things you've been afraid of doing. As you do them, one by one tick them off your list. Chances are if you're able to tick them off your list, it means that this your "FEAR" hasn't killed you. See, its not that daunting after all!
  4. With that said, there are some situations that will take time, talking to someone and prayers to get rid of. Once again, don't fret. How do you eat an elephant? a piece at a time. Start by thinking through that "Fear". Talk to someone in a position to reenforce positive thinking.
  5. Most importantly, do AWAY with negative & fearful people. What happens if this person is Family? Talk to them about their negativity. If that doesn't work, put a mental and/or physical distance between you and them. Fear is real, suck it up buttercup...or you will get eaten up. 
P.s: Note, not all fear is negative. For example, the fear you feel when you see a Lion charging at you. That fear is there for a reason, you better run. Don't try to talk to the Lion will eat you. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Citation: Haushofer Johannes. The Price of Poverty: Psychology and the Cycle of Need. July 5th 2014 <>


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Zahara - Loliwe

I love love African music although I am no connoisseur. I recently stumbled upon Zahara's music.  I am totally in love with her sound. Its very...calming, smooth, raw, very authentic. Enjoy!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


The most rational article I've stumbled upon on Ebola. It is worth every single minute you spend reading it; knowledge is power. The scary face of Ebola is not the disease itself, rather it is our reactions as Humans to the disease. The stigmas, ignorance and hatred that spews out of our hearts towards its victims...With the death of Eric Duncan, I've seen very emotional outburst trending on the topic. The hospital he died in, my Mom worked there a few years ago, we went there on many occasions. The apartments he lived at, we lived right down the street from it. (Not that it matters, but something to think about. That particular hospital and his apartment is located in a section of town with a higher rate of low income families/immigrants).

I know quite a few people in the medical field who come in contact with patients every single day. If you are familiar with Dallas proper, then you know Texas Health and Presbyterian are really the main hospitals. So this isn't a random incident, it happened close enough to home. However, we all need to take a deliberate step back, stick to facts and attack this epidemic from a rational perspective. I don't think ( or would like to believe in the absence of strong evidence) that they "let him die". A lot of us are working based off opinions and emotions. With that said, the reason the disease got so out of hand is because it was deemed an "African" problem. "US" vs "Them".  I understand that African governments left ALOT to be desired with their first responses but Ebola isn't a new disease. Its been around for 38 odd years, its infection rate was a known fact. The plan after news broke of the disease was to isolate the disease, stigmatize the people, then compare it with our Western facilities to convince the Western populace that theres no way the disease would reach us. But in the event that it did, we have far superior facilities. The West takes a reactionary stance to everything that concerns "developing countries/continents"and unfortunately, Africa is no China or Iraq or Syria. The stigma is VERY real. I find myself having to wade off ignorant comments everyday at work concerning Africans.

"People in the African continent are more regarded as an abstract statistic than a patient in the U.S. or Europe," he said. "How many individual stories do we know about any African patients? None. They are treated as an indistinguishable crowd."  (

Source: AndrĂ© Carrilho/Andre Carrilho

Educate yourself and your children concerning the disease. Stop making insensitive comments about the disease or the ethnic populations affected most by it. Heres a direct link to the article, read and leave your thoughts down below.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I've gotta say, good things DO come out of Cameroon o!
I've silently followed her art for a while and just could not resist blogging about her after seeing the art work below.

Her Name: Shiri Achu
Profession: Artist Extraordinaire

Because I am lazy and don't want to do her injustice, i'll let you read her blog/her words on your own but below is a picture of  her art work...Simply captivating

Photo courtesy: Shiri Achu