Saturday, October 18, 2008

Monsieur Popol et Madame Chantou

ARRRRGH I'm exausted..stressed...hungry...HMMm food is a great idea right about NOW!! but whats new...i just got done with a mass marketing campaign via Facebook for my December Volunteer trip to Cameroon...crossing my fingers i really pray it works out good

but one interesting thing...i came across this picture of President Paul Biya(A.K.A POPOL, Cameroon president) and Family, which was weird because i can't remember the last time, he released a family pic to the public...propaganda??....and once again our dear mother Mrs. Biya has NO fashion sense whatsoever..whats with the beehive?? channeling her inner Amy Winehouse?? oh well..we still love her...i think...actually no, she's doing pretty good for herself and country this days...all the philanthropic work etc... well gotta give it to you Mr Popol, u have a beautiful that all of them took your hight! while we are on this topic, i came across this youtube comic video( about Mr Biya himself...pretty hilarious, if u can understand Cameroon French....
until next time enjoy as i leave with another quote

"Majority rule only works if you're also considering individual rights. Because you can't have five wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for supper."-- Larry Flynt


Kamer said...

Interesting. Will check out your campaign on facebook as soon as I finish reading your blog entries :)
By the way, found ur blog by way of Dulce Camer blog.

Banyangi girl said...

lol thank you!

Anonymous said...

wow! only just stumbled upon ur blog. i love it! the biya commentary is hilarious. i never knew he could tear himself away from suits. as for chantal, if i didn't know of her before amy winehouse, i'd say they were like the chicken and egg in terms of which came first.

keep up the good work!


Banyangi girl said...

LOL the chicken most def came first! thank u!