Friday, October 17, 2008

The Result of a Bored Mind = Pics of Cameroon

Its a Friday fall/autumn evening...not my favorite time of the yes im terribly bored out of my mind...I could be doing school work seeing as its already crunch time...but no, i refuse to touch my books...well maybe later at night, tap into my nocturnal side..But until then, i'll do the next best thing, BLOGGING!

So anyways i had the sudden inspiration to post pics of the beautiful..the one and only...the apple of my eye..well..the third apple of my eye...drum roll pardon...CAMEROUN! i know, i know...but hey, humor me. lol well here they are enjoy, these are just borrowed but in a few days, i'll have updated ones...and oh if u have any good ones envoyez a moi pardon.


Some waterfall somewere in Douala...

I always wondered the significance if this guy or thing...hmm

Yaounde...i remember visiting my aunt at work in this building..fascinating as a not so much..seeing as the building shakes when trains pass underneath...

Yaounde at night time


Mt Cameroon '99 was pretty cool...from afar

Hope u liked..more coming soon!

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