Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama Pictures/Cameroon Pic

Obama: Hey America hold up, i got important business.(Turns to Miche) "Hey girl, say, can i get ur numba, cause ur lookin mighty fine tonight in that red n black numba!"
Miche: "Oh shocks! really .awww thankee....BUT NO u can't have my number..well on one condition, CAN I BE FIRST LADY?"

Talk about L.O.V.E, they GOT it good!

Joe:"Hey B. I see one of McCain's house from here!! see it to?"
Obama:"WERE?? Oooh yea..hey BTW he called me few hrs ago and didn't sound too happy..hmm ya know why?'

BEAUTIFUL FIRST FAMILY...only if they could adopt a lone Cameroonian college junior..hmmm
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I hijacked my friends photos from his Cameroon trip this summer...I liked this so i put it up, enjoy!



Anonymous said...

weh B girl, u too much. i like ur obama wise cracks. reminds me of the "romans photos" we used to read in c'roon. remember them?

those pays pics are just stunning. un seul mot mami: continuez!


Banyangi girl said...

Hahaha noo not exactly! but hey someones got to crack on the O.B's oh i wouldnt really take "all" the credit for the pics...seeing as i basically...hmmm "took" em from their owner! but thank you!