Friday, December 12, 2008

Time out...well about time

I finally have an ounce of time to squeeze out a blog post...although a short one! But I would like to thank all those who tagged me for doing so and trust me my reply is coming...its taking its time though ;) but its coming! Im taking time off for about one week to bounce back into sanity...or semi sanity...semester is over, and that calls for a long lazy winter break..but alas yours truly shall be volunteering/conferencing in the Came of the that should be exciting, and i'll document it, all of my activities on stay posted...

hmmm Integral Calculus..the bane of my existence....It strikes me how during finals week everyone looks like walking zombies..with a cup of coffee in each hand...and then you come across those whose whole Undergrad. Career depends on one exam...and after that exam, you find them oddly staring at everybody(to this, I plead guilty)...the stare of semi-insanity...the things university turns us into....hmmm...well "Texxxaaas Fiiiggghhht"

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Anonymous said...

We understand :) Have a safe journey to and from Cameroon. Looking forward to your volunteering experiences there.