Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama Pictures/Cameroon Pic

Obama: Hey America hold up, i got important business.(Turns to Miche) "Hey girl, say, can i get ur numba, cause ur lookin mighty fine tonight in that red n black numba!"
Miche: "Oh shocks! really .awww thankee....BUT NO u can't have my number..well on one condition, CAN I BE FIRST LADY?"

Talk about L.O.V.E, they GOT it good!

Joe:"Hey B. I see one of McCain's house from here!! see it to?"
Obama:"WERE?? Oooh yea..hey BTW he called me few hrs ago and didn't sound too happy..hmm ya know why?'

BEAUTIFUL FIRST FAMILY...only if they could adopt a lone Cameroonian college junior..hmmm
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I hijacked my friends photos from his Cameroon trip this summer...I liked this so i put it up, enjoy!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama's Cabinet = GQ Mag! basically I got told to cut back on my lax "freedom" of expression....seeing as its too...too...whats a nice way of saying it... well you fill in the blank. Well I personally do not think so, untill my blog gets banned from blogger, my language is good enough! but I will, for the sake of my good image refrain from venting on here! :D we'll see how far that goes...

Well, its been two days since the 4th and I'm still not over Obama's it just me, or his cabinet is gonna be made up of semi GQ models! hmmm happy for him, why wouldn't I, then again his papa is African, and SO IS MINES! :D.

So what else occupies my days...oh yes! Cameroon trip is coming up great! still have yet to get my visa though...those people better not screw with me...Ive not worked this hard, to get played by them...But I am more than excited...after many many years!! I think from today i'll start making a list of things I'm gonna eat when i get there...ERU being number ONE on my! I just hope i don't go wild and over do it...or i'll regret it when i fall sick..but men! how many days do I eat Eru thats not made with vegetable oil and TOMATOES!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

HE REALLY DID IT! Dr Martin Luther King, you can now rest in PERFECT PEACE!...


A new age has dawned on America this 4th day of November....YES, ladies and gents, lets welcome our 44th president, MR PRESIDENT & FIRST LADY, BARRACK & MICHELLE OBAMA!...

I take this moment to calmly and joy fully reflect on this past year and years in American history, being broken down to this one day...I sit here desperately holding back tears...not yet sure if it is real or a dream...I now realize who my heart has always been with...Mr Obama, you stole my heart...and I'm only now admitting it! you have fought one LOOONG HARD BATTLE...but you know...the battle has ALWAYS been the! Michelle honey, if I were you right now, i WOULD come apart at the seams...God help you!

Dr Martin Luther and all the rest who have fought long and hard...all you guys can now stop turning in your graves..even if for a minute...centuries of black being dirt, not fit enough for the American people, has now seen one of ours...a true African-American...sit on its highest throne....

From this day on...NOTHING, i say NOTHING is impossible..."its been a long time coming...but tonight...change has come through America" --President Obama
I can sit here, in my living room, watching history, and determine that I will work harder...harder than i've ever done before...mediocrity is NOT an option... Mr President, you have given me room to dream and dream big, you have inspired many young and have inspired many a soul...and for that God bless ya! YOU DESERVE IT...

"but even as we celebrate tonight....we know the challenges tomorrow brings...the road will be long...the climb will be steep..but I promise you the American people...we WILL get there"

P.S: Now God PLEASE keep him safe...his wife and his two beautiful daughters..protect them from evil prying eyes...AND ABOVE ALL give him Solomons wisdom to rule this great the fear of the Lord..