Monday, November 2, 2009


Yes I KNOW...Ive been M.I.A for the past months...BUT with very good reason though I promise :) So today I feel inspired enough to break my routine and write a blog post! Im sure alot of you have already heard about the successful Camer Couture event,if you haven't click here for a recap. Cameroonians are starting to do it BIG, so do your part and become part of this new phenomenon. Me is thinking a trip to Cameroon is already due...Its been almost a year already without real Eru...Lets just say im starting to become a fish out of water. tsk tsk tsk...In my mind im waiting for someone to just swoop down and say "My dear Phebe I think you are an amazing person, allow me to take you to Camer this Dec, all expense paid" lol only in my dreams I know...Anyhow est-ce que cinderela kind of stuff even exists...Nchwet. Hold that thought

I just saw this Pic about Stevie Wonder in Africa, na Cameroon ei go so?? hm Bamenda people na for here wuna head go big pass! ei don put wuna for map :D

You know, sometimes I surprise even myself with some of the weird things I think of...leading to a number of people calling me crazy, but the GOOD kinda crazy! lol You know how people have a catch phrase at the end of their writings like eg. "Stay sweet(Dulce Camer)" or SOMETHING. So I was just thinking what if I adopted that and started signing out as "Fufu&Eru" why not, right? :D

oK I stop here.
Have a beautiful Week

Sunday, July 26, 2009


One of my many weekend shenanigans...yes your eyes DON'T lie :D what you are looking at is Okro soup and Fufu...Yes topped with Malta...courtesy of ~*Moi*~ Enjoy

Saturday, May 16, 2009


The ladies behind our fab, fav, rad Cameroonian clothing label, KiRette Couture are putting on a show for us! YOU need to be there or....or...BE SQUARED :) Unfortunately por moi...I'll have to attend only in sad. But I'll make it up during the grand opening of the Bou-tique...I promise Anrette *3 left fingers raised*

Locatoin: Joe's Bar
City: Manchester
yada yada yada... look at the flyer to get all that info...Im too lazy to rewrite it :)
Good Luck to you Ladies, bring the house down.

P.S: Patiently waiting for that website O ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


DISCLAIMER: IF you hate snakes...then maybe this video isnt for you :)

This man has what you call MARKETING SKILLS!! haha infact eh too much tok noh fine, so I'll let you watch and judge for yourself...
wetti you no go see for Cameroon! lol

lim ping ping lim pon pong

Sunday, May 10, 2009


FYI: To pause the music while you read, scroll to the bottom of this post and pause it..then you can listen to it afterward.

Yes its Sunday..and in this part of the world..Mothers Day..So happy mothers day to all the Mamas...Y'all are the backbone..I always knew that.
But apart from that, it being Sunday, Ive been reminiscing about Sunday morning services in Cameroon...All I can think about is how very joyful it was...Sunday morning was what was hot in the streets...I always looked forward to going to church..yes of course I was still in Sunday school or "Children's Church" not that we did much, but one thing that has always stood out to me over the years was the singing...the praise and worship. Ive heard people say many times when they look at Africa that God has left Africa a long long time ago...But I say, if you want to find that same God, go to Africa...Go amongst the parents who have buried children...the ones trying to squeeze out a living...the war torn families...and you'll find God. That's one thing I love about being African and Cameroonian. We have an awareness of God and we don't take it lightly. The African culture is pretty much divided into 3 sections... God, Family, Food. We have God, we are very family oriented...and we over like damé, chop, grub, "on va show ca" food. Infact, we di chop sotey, we lick wa fingers them like we wan chop dem too! lol
Sunday service in Cameroon is pretty INTENSE...I look at what we call going to church in the western world and its just child's play...You attend Sunday service in Cameroon, and you'll not want it to end...the preaching the praise...not even the one in pidgin which I attended in Mutengene. That Pastor knack am for pidgin so eh, hm only that service teach me for tok pidgin fine :) But Africa is a blessing...Africa is the work of God...the Tears of God..the joy of God...the heart of God...

So anyhoo today I remembered some of the praises we used to sing when I was growing up in Cameroon (YES..I infact grew up in Africa..for all you who doubt my origins :) )and it brought back all these memories... "Na who weh papa God never do good for ei" to "Eh yahwe ey yahwe kumama" "Jesus nah biggie man o man wey no know call am small man" "Na so so wonder Jesus dey do..he sugar my tea he buttered my bread" "Winner oh oh oh, winner" "Come and see the light" "Jesus nah the only son of God o ewo..shebi nah true" etc etc etc you get my idea...I love african gospel with a passion...and you should too..its part of our culture...lock your door if you must, turn up the volume, and shake ya skin for Papa God...Trust me, I dey do am now now so :D

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Sooo today unlike every other Sunday was preeety uneventful...
I personal detest when I run out of cook able food and have to hit the grocery store...With my indecisive self, I literally take HOURS in a few square feet of shopping space...even if I have a list..
Anyhoo I finally got myself up, out the door, and into the store...I was on a mission..
Meat, and Chicken aren't my least for now...sooo...Guess what I went for? FISH of course! Its been a long long time my friend!
After 3hrs of cooking...yes THREE which is why I detest cooking now adays...THREE hours of cooking for only ONE person...go figure...By the time I was done with the cooking, I was more ready to hit my bed and nangaboko (Sleep) than eat...I was tired

I had myself a nice meal of Fish stew with White rice...and some unmentionable desserts after wards (Saving myself the lecture on Diabetes.. :D ) Reminds me of Cameroon... :(

Oh btw, just to clear up the rumor that has been flying about that I can't cook.. :D I CAN! All y'll who call me "American wanda" "Oyibo" this is ESPECIALLY for you!!! Phebe is African, Phebe can cook...Phebe can cook....Phebe CAN cook...person wey tok sey I be Oyibo make ei judge for ei sef!

My next mission will be to cook the almighty Eru and share pics with you Human Beings! :)
For now go ahead and salivate when you look at these pics!! lol

Ingredients: Basil, Italian Flavored crushed tomato, Meat Broth, Onion, Garlic, Pepper,
Green Pepper, Tillapia

For what ever reason Im more interested in this dish than the food ontop...I luv it..a work of major art!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Kirette Couture...the new kids on the block, causing BIG waves!! The name itself screams, style, class, modern, hip, and its all...CAMEROON GROWN! Who says something good can't come out of Cameroon?? leave all the talk about "puppy scam, bribe," yada yada yada! Cameroon is spitting out a new breed of creative, TALENTED, rad Chicks and Chaps! WE are doing it, and doing it WELL!!

Started by Anrette Ngafor and Kibonen Nfi, KC is an amazing clothing power house utilizing the traditional Bamendan Cloth to create very Modern street wearable styles! Their line is ULTRA colorful without being over done!! Me likey VERY much! :D hopefully this endorsement will score me a free outfit! :D *hint* *hint* ;)

Enjoy the pics! I couldn't make up my mind which ones I liked..since I like them ALL!
BTW, watch out for their amazing website..already got glimpse of it!! Powered by AfroVisioN Group..Keeping it all in the family :D
Plus read their complete interview on Dulce Camer

Ms Kibonen herself rocking her line....I wish the SHOES came with it!!


Representing in full force!

Nice emsemble!

Na who tok sey na only bamenda chicks fit rock am!! lol

One of my favs

GUYS this is for YOU...don't feel left out!! ALOT more is on its way!

I love love love this...!

I like..I can just imagine a '50s style dress...

WHITE! very creative!

Bamenda meets Kanye


Sunday, April 26, 2009


HAHA Start your week off on the right foot!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Why should you watch this video? Well watch it then you can answer than question by yourself...I bet you've never seen something like this :D. I was quite impressed. BUT if you want to use any of the videos let ME KNOW PLEASE..and if you share it, please put a backlink to my blog...they aren't mine, all copyrighted, Courtesy of Mr Karl Atah (Add him on Fb)

English version

French Version

VIVA LE CAMEROUN!*fist up in the air*.....ok..yea..I know..a lil bit too much excitement lol

Friday, April 24, 2009


For what ever reason, I just had this inspiration to blog about African prints/materials...I love love African fabrics, its quite intriguing! Some of this pics are from random places online...soo if you see one of yours...I like it :D, don't sue me please lol but some are my personal threads I've decided to share with you curious Georges' : ) enjoy...oh btw, I'm in the business of accepting free african wear/fabrics..for promotion...ya know? Haha Yes this is just my way of asking for free stuff! so go ahead...Indulge me :)

Pretty much stole this from a friend :D but I promise you she knows!

This too :)

Got this in Douala, Marche Central

From my amazing Aunty...Imported all the way from Naija

Arizona Jeans company...hmmm

My kaba...really like the material but HATE how it fits!

hmm I dunno...

Limbe..circa 2002?

Ashwobi or Ashwabi circa 2008

Senegalese woman!

Shop in Senegal