Thursday, January 22, 2009


After a long month and a half...I'm finally back on the blogosphere. Cameroon most definitely left me..speechless on all levels! In a good way mind you. I wonder were I should start with everything swimming in my head...I'll just make a basic outline so I can methodically follow through, write about all I did.

Dec 15:Arrived Dla International Hell-port
Dec17: Went Down to Buea
Dec18-Dec 21st: Traveled to Yaounde for the 1st ever Techie ICT 2008 Conference (D'Jeuga palace) Presentation with Churchill
Dec 22-27th: Started planning volunteer schedule/spent Xmas with Family
Dec 28th-Attended church service in Pigdin
Dec29th-31st: started planning for Volunteer schedule with HINT (NGO based in Buea)
Jan 1st-Jan 2nd: Fell sick with side effects from anti-malaria med.
Jan2nd-Jan8th: In collaboration with HINT founder, started planning a 3day business seminar/ Went to Link Up (another NGO in buea administrated by an ex microsofter)
Jan 8th- Jan 10th: Held seminar in Buea
Jan 11th: Spent the day down in Limbe with Mimi( cousin) Churchill ( Steve.
Jan12th-Jan15th: Traveled to Yde, went to Marche Central (Douala)
Jan 16th: Went to Buea, Limbe, Sasse
Jan17th: left for the airport
Jan 18th: 1am departed Camair :(

This is just a list...Ill write more indepth about each point including pictures..not to talk of the food!! lets just say REAL Eru was my break fast for TWO weeks! straight


Mambe Nanje said...

nice write up @Phebe,
and I am happy you enjoyed your stay in our friendly mother Cameroon

doherty said...

in love with soya