Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pourquoi je bloggue sur l'Afrique'

Why do I blog about Africa..Finally all of you who tagged me (Bamenda babe, Kamer, Prince Hamilton) can now get your answer...almost 2months LATE!

Si je pouvais bein ecrit en francais, ca devais etre mieux...mais mon francais n'est pas...Well you get the Idea! so why exactly do I blog about Africa...Im not one to write very loong reasons why so in a nutshell

I blog about Africa because it is my heart, my love... when you love something, you want others to know how wonderful it is, you talk about it, boast about it, laugh about it, also cry about it. Its faults are excused, imperfections magnified into beauty. I want the world to see how inexplicably beautiful Africa is. The simplicity of everyday life...the level of joy in the face of distress, the strength it instills in you, the power to hope, la joie de vivre...Africa is were my heart is...and were it will die

We are mere mortals and none of us have the right to any land anywhere in the world. We are victims of our circumstances, we do not choose our birthplace or family. These things are a given, and the right we do have is to be proud of who we are and where we come from, and nothing anyone says or does can take that away from you. VIVA AFRICA"


sheyrocks said...

Preach girl!

Anonymous said...

lol Wanjiji