Thursday, March 5, 2009


I'm Female.
A woman
A symbol of strength..but yet, the weaker vessel
So it is said
But I tell you
My strength...surpasses a thousand men
Not physical strength...
Emotional, Spiritual, Character...

I'm an African African child
My family first...
Not because its required
It's the path I choose
The road I tread
Many a female soul has trodden
What makes me different...

I am me
I dream, I imagine, I create
I laugh, I cry, I hurt, I love
Ask God, and he'll "story" you
Many a night I've spent broken
My heart ready to give out...
But then the morning comes
A renewed strength of purpose
No, Maman
You can't give up just yet
You are are an African woman
African Child

I hurt, I cry
Does that make me weak...
Many agonizing nights just didn't know
I don't talk about it
But me and God,
We talk about it
We're cool
Thats good enough...

I'm young
Wisdom of old men, I have not
But I'm not stupid
I'm blessed with wisdom
I wonder why God blessed me so
Am I so different...

I hustle, I struggle,
It's my drug
So I'm not complaining

I'm fiercely independent
But I doubt myself
Can I do it...

When I speak
I inspire..I give hope
What if I fail you...

I believe in your capacity
I trust your motives
I help you
We have a lot in common
But we met just yesterday
I dont know you
But you're my brother
My sister
I accept you
Of course I have to
I'm a child of Mama Africa

I'm just a woman
Flesh and blood
African child
Attached to the land
It flows in my veins

I'm just a woman
Still the weaker vessel
African Child
Only stronger

I AM just a woman
Not only a woman
An African child

I am New Age Africa


Eddy said...

Yeah, african women represent. Big thumb up and huge kiss !!
And the woman with the child looks awesome, she's like: "I mean business, man".
If i would have to put a caption on the picture, it would be: "By all means necessary".

ps. By the way, i dont know if you did it on purpose, or if you even noticed it, but have look at your transition.
You previously posted on Petit-Pays, who labelled himself as "the lawyer of the women", and the next topic you picked up? ..african woman!
Not bad, iam impressed.. :)

Banyangi girl said...

NOO I really didn't notice it!! now that u mention it let me look at it a gain!! Yes I really like the woman with the child...she passed my message on, on point! Thank you haha I try I try lol