Thursday, March 5, 2009


Its very funny how the most random thoughts pop up when I least expect them!
Just this evening I remembered a story I heard about a month back. Its about Petit Pays...well that says it all...if you don't know who he is, google or youtube him.
Anyways the story is that...He visited Profet T.B Joshua, one of the top televangelist in Africa today...well after Pastor Chris.
So anyways he visits the pastor at his church in Lagos, SYNAGOGUE CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS in order to receive healing and deliverance. The question that looms in everybody's mind is ''what reason took this man there''. Petit Pays complained to the man of God that he has been suffering from chronic stomach pain,evil attacks and marital problems.He claimed to have traveled right to India for cure to no avail so he has taken a bold decision to come to the church. After the man of God laid hands on Petit Pays stomach, he then turns and tells T.B JOSHUA ''I want be ya combi''
hahaha and all this was broadcasted via SATELITE! the question in my mind this dude serious??? lol
hmmm...wonders shall never end!
Click on this link to read the full complete story

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