Saturday, May 2, 2009


Kirette Couture...the new kids on the block, causing BIG waves!! The name itself screams, style, class, modern, hip, and its all...CAMEROON GROWN! Who says something good can't come out of Cameroon?? leave all the talk about "puppy scam, bribe," yada yada yada! Cameroon is spitting out a new breed of creative, TALENTED, rad Chicks and Chaps! WE are doing it, and doing it WELL!!

Started by Anrette Ngafor and Kibonen Nfi, KC is an amazing clothing power house utilizing the traditional Bamendan Cloth to create very Modern street wearable styles! Their line is ULTRA colorful without being over done!! Me likey VERY much! :D hopefully this endorsement will score me a free outfit! :D *hint* *hint* ;)

Enjoy the pics! I couldn't make up my mind which ones I liked..since I like them ALL!
BTW, watch out for their amazing website..already got glimpse of it!! Powered by AfroVisioN Group..Keeping it all in the family :D
Plus read their complete interview on Dulce Camer

Ms Kibonen herself rocking her line....I wish the SHOES came with it!!


Representing in full force!

Nice emsemble!

Na who tok sey na only bamenda chicks fit rock am!! lol

One of my favs

GUYS this is for YOU...don't feel left out!! ALOT more is on its way!

I love love love this...!

I like..I can just imagine a '50s style dress...

WHITE! very creative!

Bamenda meets Kanye


Anonymous said...

wow wee phebs, this is fab! lol @ b'da meets kanye but so true. that's what KC is all about- synergy!

keeep on keeping on girl.


doherty said...

beautiful pictures !