Saturday, April 25, 2009


Why should you watch this video? Well watch it then you can answer than question by yourself...I bet you've never seen something like this :D. I was quite impressed. BUT if you want to use any of the videos let ME KNOW PLEASE..and if you share it, please put a backlink to my blog...they aren't mine, all copyrighted, Courtesy of Mr Karl Atah (Add him on Fb)

English version

French Version

VIVA LE CAMEROUN!*fist up in the air*.....ok..yea..I know..a lil bit too much excitement lol

Friday, April 24, 2009


For what ever reason, I just had this inspiration to blog about African prints/materials...I love love African fabrics, its quite intriguing! Some of this pics are from random places online...soo if you see one of yours...I like it :D, don't sue me please lol but some are my personal threads I've decided to share with you curious Georges' : ) enjoy...oh btw, I'm in the business of accepting free african wear/fabrics..for promotion...ya know? Haha Yes this is just my way of asking for free stuff! so go ahead...Indulge me :)

Pretty much stole this from a friend :D but I promise you she knows!

This too :)

Got this in Douala, Marche Central

From my amazing Aunty...Imported all the way from Naija

Arizona Jeans company...hmmm

My kaba...really like the material but HATE how it fits!

hmm I dunno...

Limbe..circa 2002?

Ashwobi or Ashwabi circa 2008

Senegalese woman!

Shop in Senegal


OK I'm completely loving my life right now! :D look what I found...albeit I dont know who painted this..but if you do, Let me know so I can give them proper credit! cause its just very awesome! Name as many people as you can recognize! leave a comment
I'll start off, I personally can recognize tum tum big bele with his tam tam : )

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Ms. Chantou, we love you, but PARDON that hair and color riot has got to GO...You represent Cameroon in every way, anywhere you go, so why do you choose to look like this??? With all the Diors and Channels you CAN'T find anything presentable?? Mr Biya WHY in the world do you let her LEAVE the house looking like "ah HOT mess"?? Maman, comme tous les femmes du Cameroon, tu est une belle femme mais ton coifure la...non...non vraiment...

We the Cameroonian women are TIRED of seeing our FIRST lady rediculed in public by different nations...abeg Mami..ei don THREE much! So If you can read this, I plead with you to ACCEPT our offer we'll go the distance for you..for the beterment of your style/fashion sense all FREE! 1st call of duty will be to

1.) Get rid of that Lions Mane you call your hair
2.) Get rid of those distasteful NEON nails
3.) Find you a better make up artist..(Im sure your Husband can afford it)
4.) Get you outfits that compliment your beauty
5.)Less is DE-accesorize you
6.) Last but not least...give you a crash course on public speaking! ( I can do this myself)
To hear her TALK click here:

Ce quoi sa??

You see how you are the ONLY one who stands a BAD way??

No doubt you are beautiful..BUT...

You remind me of a little girl playing dress up

...And this is how you go to Church...

I just gotta say THANK GOD for Love that is blind...if not eh....

mmmm BIG difference

Its well known that in asian is WHY do you have it as your hair colour when visting Japan??? Your international relations woman needs to be FIRED.!

Nails...BETTER...Public speakin skills...INEXISTENT!

You see that other FIRST lady next to you? Thats how toned down you need to get!

At least...on a good note.. you've lost that baby fat!