Sunday, May 3, 2009


Sooo today unlike every other Sunday was preeety uneventful...
I personal detest when I run out of cook able food and have to hit the grocery store...With my indecisive self, I literally take HOURS in a few square feet of shopping space...even if I have a list..
Anyhoo I finally got myself up, out the door, and into the store...I was on a mission..
Meat, and Chicken aren't my least for now...sooo...Guess what I went for? FISH of course! Its been a long long time my friend!
After 3hrs of cooking...yes THREE which is why I detest cooking now adays...THREE hours of cooking for only ONE person...go figure...By the time I was done with the cooking, I was more ready to hit my bed and nangaboko (Sleep) than eat...I was tired

I had myself a nice meal of Fish stew with White rice...and some unmentionable desserts after wards (Saving myself the lecture on Diabetes.. :D ) Reminds me of Cameroon... :(

Oh btw, just to clear up the rumor that has been flying about that I can't cook.. :D I CAN! All y'll who call me "American wanda" "Oyibo" this is ESPECIALLY for you!!! Phebe is African, Phebe can cook...Phebe can cook....Phebe CAN cook...person wey tok sey I be Oyibo make ei judge for ei sef!

My next mission will be to cook the almighty Eru and share pics with you Human Beings! :)
For now go ahead and salivate when you look at these pics!! lol

Ingredients: Basil, Italian Flavored crushed tomato, Meat Broth, Onion, Garlic, Pepper,
Green Pepper, Tillapia

For what ever reason Im more interested in this dish than the food ontop...I luv it..a work of major art!!!