Monday, November 2, 2009


Yes I KNOW...Ive been M.I.A for the past months...BUT with very good reason though I promise :) So today I feel inspired enough to break my routine and write a blog post! Im sure alot of you have already heard about the successful Camer Couture event,if you haven't click here for a recap. Cameroonians are starting to do it BIG, so do your part and become part of this new phenomenon. Me is thinking a trip to Cameroon is already due...Its been almost a year already without real Eru...Lets just say im starting to become a fish out of water. tsk tsk tsk...In my mind im waiting for someone to just swoop down and say "My dear Phebe I think you are an amazing person, allow me to take you to Camer this Dec, all expense paid" lol only in my dreams I know...Anyhow est-ce que cinderela kind of stuff even exists...Nchwet. Hold that thought

I just saw this Pic about Stevie Wonder in Africa, na Cameroon ei go so?? hm Bamenda people na for here wuna head go big pass! ei don put wuna for map :D

You know, sometimes I surprise even myself with some of the weird things I think of...leading to a number of people calling me crazy, but the GOOD kinda crazy! lol You know how people have a catch phrase at the end of their writings like eg. "Stay sweet(Dulce Camer)" or SOMETHING. So I was just thinking what if I adopted that and started signing out as "Fufu&Eru" why not, right? :D

oK I stop here.
Have a beautiful Week