Friday, January 1, 2010


OK first things first....HAPPY NEW YEAR, BONNE ANNEE! and in true African style...HIP HIP HURRAY :). Man...I remember those days growing up in Cameroon when Christmas and New year were the BIGGEST events of the year! Rice and stew with Contry fowl, Fufu and Eru, Chin Chin, Soya hm need I continue lol. It was a time when you reached up that cupboard to pull down that dusty suitcase to bring out those clothes you specially saved for this occasion! Don't act like you don't know what im talking about haha I know you do, yes YOU. But oh well the good old days long nostalgie, c'est la vie... n'est ce pas. But yes, thank Papa J.(God) for a flawless finish of a rough year and the start of another! Your favorite Banyangi Girl definitely has MUCH to look forward to this year...Including that new Be-eM-duWb..Midnight Black, Chrome wheels, So when I drive it like this eh, hm THEY'LL say, "Yes! money has come" :)...What!? a woman can't dream anymore? lol...wait and least I forget...that Proposal......:D haha IM JUST KIDDING O ABEG! I forget with people the way news FLY! Anyhow onto the next topic at hand...
Dulce Camer, recently publish its very own top 50 list of Cameroonians world wide doing big things! and to think yours truly made the list! Thank you, Thank you *Queenly Wave* :D. Who knew there were so many Cameroonian young doing something big, at least I didn't! But here is a direct link to read about the other beautiful people who made the list. This is an amazing start, and if you made it, be ENCOURAGED to keep up the good work, its not the end though we ALL still have MUCH to do.


Have a beautiful weekend.