Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fashionista Cupcakes

There is no lie about it, I love food, I LOVE food...Sometimes I cook just so I can see food come together, open my fridge and you'll see all types of left overs to last me weeks!
So today i'll talk about more food :-) I've yapped about Lolita's cupcakes before...and ill keep yapping because these things look more like amazing accessories than food! Mothers day in the US is coming up pretty soon, so why not order your own transatlantic, mother's day gift? Give your Ma a taste of Europe! Don't forget too that, Cupcakes are the BEST accessories for Weddings, Bridal showers, Birthdays etc...Or you can also just salivate looking at the pics :-)

Photo Credits:
Models: Madeleine Glatz, Micah Joel, Toyin Ogudipe
MUA: Dimple Patel
Photographers: Angel Sylvester & Caroline Karanja

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Howdy Blogosphere

Back...been M.i.a for a little bit :-)
So much has happened since my last post, If you haven't already heard, Jessica Tata, the Chick I blogged about a few weeks ago, who left babysitting kids to go grocery shopping, long story short, house caught on fire, all 7 kids are now dead....She fled to Nigeria, got caught by Interpol, back in US this past Sunday...Poor girl, I just feel sorry for her...

In other news, what is this story I hear about a Nigerian pastor Albert Odulele, getting charged with sexually assaulting teenage BOYS in U.K..?, and another one was charged with Child trafficking...Na wa o!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pic of the day

Mom Bakes 3 year old..?!

Wonders shall never end in this America, something new every day...
Mother puts her 3 year old baby, in oven..and oven  was on...I'll stop here can't even continue without throwing up!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Man pours acid on woman.

African Man meets African woman
African Woman is beautiful
African Man asks African woman to marry him
African Woman says no
What does African man do?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Who doesn't remember Del Monte bananas...yum, apparently they are parting ways with CDC in 2013...I guess CDC isn't profitable for then any more. But our very own man Manu Dibango partnered with CDC, the Ministry of Argriculture and several other individuals to create Cameroon's very own Makossa Bananas! I kid you not, thats the new name for the bananas. I hope those bananas can dance a mean Makossa :-)


Apparently Mamfe is to get a university...soon.

This is Mamfe Road I guess only people already in Mamfe will attend that university...or it will be open only in the dry season!


Last Thursday, a fire broke out in a home day care around 1:40pm in Houston Texas. The fire left 4 out of 7kids dead, and a few more in critical condition.

Why is this important, fires happen everyday, people die everyday, right? Well not when it could have been prevented. The kids who died were all between 16months to 3years old. How did the fire start?

Madam Babysitter left oil on the stove with the burner still turned on. Went down the street to do grocery shopping, was in there for 13mins, came home, house filled with smoke. Yelled for help, at the end of the day, 4 kids are dead. After the fire, police started questioning her, on Saturday, she jumped bail, is now somewhere in Nigeria.Shes just 22 years old...

A lesson for all of us, never ever leave kids unattended even if you're taking a trip to the restroom, leave the door open so you can still hear/see them. How many of us have forgotten pots on the fire only to remeber when we smell burnt food, I'm as guilty. When it comes to man ei pikin, shine your eye well well, e no easy o! read more here

Friday, February 25, 2011


I love love this coat, reminds me of the roaring 60's a la Jackie O...iWant

Thursday, February 24, 2011


This is a recount-- as told by presidential candidate/activist Mme Kah Walla-of the events that led to the now sub-par riot which was planned for yesterday (23rd)  in Cameroons major cities. Happy reading, I hope in the end, everything is done peacefully o abeg...

Hello All,

The good news is: all who marched today are stronger morally and mentally than when we started the day. In addition, there are no broken bones, or grave injuries. Most of the people participating in the protest were doing so for their first time. In spite of the extreme and completely unnecessary brutality exhibited by the police, all of us feel stronger than ever in our resolve to bring about change in Cameroon. We are also confirmed in our strategy of non-violence in spite of having very violent forces of law and (dis)order before us.

So what happened?

Last night 2:30 a.m.

We left our strategy room feeling quite good. We were convinced we had a surprise itinerary which the police did not know about and we would be able to march for at least a half hour before they fell upon us. We were also thrilled with the symbolism of our start point: Um Nyobe’s house in Nkolmondo (one of Douala’s poorest neighbourhoods) was full of both historic and current day symbolism and would get us off with the type of energy we needed for the day. We had met with the family and they were in full agreement. Off we went to catch a few hours of sleep before our scheduled start time of 9:00 a.m.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Remember the riot that was supposed to be so big, it would have ousted Paul Biya in mere days..? Yea that riot, today is the 23rd, once again, 1 for popol 0 for the people...Like everything else about Cameroon, I say, Yea right...drag me away from my plate of Fufu and Eru when the riots actually start, until then, I eat in peace! Cameroonians, wayo people dem all... ish

Copy Cat-ers!

Haha, What won't africans *cough* Naijarians..*cough* copy! I wash hand...

Cassie..THE Original

...I reserve my comments...
Now a days, every one wants to be a model, forget actually working hard lol Just pose and *chakap* picture taken....you have Models...then you have MODELS! lol Like the one below, even Toe sef for clean am again na wahala! This one you can't blame on African potopoto (Dirt) o Haha

I go X-large am so you can see fine fine! lol

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Remember the riots first in Tunisia, then Egypt, now Libya...? Well if you haven't you must have been living under a rock! Per this video below, apparently Cameroonians are catching the rioting bug.. The video in itself shows a group of people "peacefully" rioting only to be hammered by police. Feb 23th, tomorrow is supposed to be D-day. Mass rioting is planned to oust Biya...Na wa o. You think sey Biya go leave his royal thrown? Anyhow abeg let it just be peaceful.

The commentator in this video is a correct Cameroonian lol

Saturday, February 19, 2011


SO if you've been keeping up with the nonsense I write on my blog :-) you would remember the story in which the mayor of Akwa was taken hostage in Bakassi. Apparently, they have been freed , and from the looks of things (see below) are in good health...
But aseh eh, na only short & mimbo belle so!? enjoyment ministers 101  :-)
Haha and I love how they went out and bought the same shoes and shirts to match, only to meet the PM. You sure sey them noh setup their kidnapping?


Quote from The Post NewsPaper
The chief cashier at the Douala Central Treasury has been arrested in line with an ongoing probe into the swindling of FCFA 2.8 billion worth of public funds. The suspect, Thomas Tcheuko Ngaleu, was seized at 10pm on Monday, February 14, by gendarmes. His apprehension, according to coworkers, trailed an accounts inquest undertaken at the Douala Central Treasury, by a team of emissaries from the Supreme State Audit in Yaounde, a fortnight before.

Toh Bad oh! 99days for the theive one day for the catcher?? Na wa o...People put their hard earned monies in the bank, well you might have a bribe or two thrown in the mix, but hard earned money nevertheless only to have it embezzeled...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This guy, is simply genius! I know I blogged about him a year or so ago, I just can't help revisiting the guy again...for those of you who don't know him, let me reintroduce him again to you! Please no laughter till the end :-D

Part 2


I've been incubating for the past two days hence no posts since Saturday...Heck who am I kidding, let me call it what it is, I've been lazy for the past two days, hence no posts :-) Lazy can be a good thing at times, you know..At least in my world~This year so far has been quite eventful and its only the 15th day of February. Which reminds me of February 14th...Retailers and Florists must have had a field day this past weekend/yesterday. Call me a party "pooper" but in my opinion, the world will still spin around its axis alright without Valentine's day. If you wait till a date to show how much you love someone...then something must be wrong with your love, I.am.just.saying...But Happy belated valentine's nonetheless~God is Love~

GBHS Etug-ebe sudents

Today is a good day, why? we finally got a break in cold weather! Goodbye goose down garments, Hello sandals how I've missed you so! All that's missing is a grill in the backyard, roasting fish! Oh how I miss thee Cameroon. Yesterday a good friend of mines asked me if I could still remember Cameroons national anthem, to my surprise, I stumbled through to the end , and even gave a rendition in French that would have made Popol himself proud! It brought back memories of morning assembly in my Yaounde Primary school, N.E.S.S when we had to sing the national anthem, pray, sing a chorus, then march to our respective classes...I HATED those day, chai! can you imagine the disgrace of walking into school late, and getting a whooping in front of the whole school! Disgrace 101, no scratch that, child abuse 101!...Funny enough, what I'll give to transport myself back to those days...
GBHS Campus Etug-ebe

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Courtesy of youtube...

The wonders of Afofo! ei don carry the man go :-)

Happy Saturday y'all.
Enjoy the weekend...Go to Church tomorrow :-)

Thursday, February 10, 2011


It was reported earlier this week by Cameroon radio and telev. that 13 people including the Mayor of Kombo-Abedino, were taken hostage in Bakassi on Feb 6th, two others were killed...

Many of you, myself included, don't actively remember Bakassi, but lets keep them in our prayers, little skirmishes, arise from that area now and then. Some incidences do not make the national news, while others do...So lets not forget them...For a little history on Bakassi clique ici :-)

In Updated News...this is what the Washington Post had to say today
Cameroon's president has sent the minister of defense to the Bakassi peninsula to work toward the release of 13 government officials kidnapped last week by pirates.
Government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary said late Wednesday that two more people were kidnapped than previously thought. Officials believe the hostages are being held in neighboring Nigeria.
Pirates kidnapped the officials on Sunday, and killed two paramilitary policemen Monday.
No one has claimed responsibility but officials believe it was the work of the Bakassi Freedom Fighters, a militant faction disputing Cameroon's ownership of the oil-rich tongue of land.
Bakassi was officially handed over to Cameroon in August 2008 following a verdict two years earlier by the International Court of Justice.


Happy Feb 11th to all you Cameroonian Youths!

(Courtesy of Google images)

This is what the Secretary General at the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, Jeanne Aimée Ngobo Ekotto had to say to us:
He challenged Youths to hunt information on programmes and opportunities for the youth which are available at centres for Youth development initiatives like National Employment Fund, the Ministry of Youth affairs, the Support Fund for Rural and Urban Youth and other youth empowerment structures. (crtv)
The National Youth Employment Week has also been organised to empower the youth on how to face the challenges of unemployment, cyber crime, prostitution and other mal practices in school.Experts argue that these malpractices are as a result of ignorance, hardship and low standards of living reasons why Youths are encouraged to be hard working, proactive and create social networks that would help them share ideas and improve upon their situation.
Is it just me, or you also see something wrong with the highlighted sentence?? These mal practices are as a result of IGNORANCE, (No) HARDSHIP (yes)  LOW STANDARDS OF LIVING (yes) ENCOURAGE YOUTHS TO BE HARDWORKING (yes) IMPROVE THEIR SITUATION (Paul biya na ya work be this)

Paul Biya,  et tout tes Ministère la qui mangent tout l'argent, wuna PAY UP! Its ridiculous to think that EXPERTS will argue that the reason why kids cheat or steal or prostitute is because of ignorance! Yes some of them might do it out of ignorance, but don't you think if they had a good outlet to keep themselves occupied, if they had HOPE for the future, and know that when they work hard in school and graduate at the top of their class, they will have JOBS, then they will aspire to strive harder! All these nonsense Ministers and President who don't know a thing about developing their OWN country. Na every man for himself, God for we all...But the fact that they even held a Youth Employment Week means they are at least trying...Right?

Hmm...I was on top of my Soap Box for a minute.. :-)

Happy Youth Day again!
Btw I posted this a day early thinking its the 11th today...wooo I'm definitely living in the future!


Yes, you can start salivating now  :-). For those who are abroad, I can bet my two cents on the fact that, you've once woken up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night because you just had a dream of eating, steaming hot Eru with Bonga, or Burning Fish, or Roasted corn, or Inqui <--(Its actually pretty good, once you get past the goey-ness and the colour) You can't deny it! Lol, I know. Anyhow, I am about to make you WISH you were in Cameroon right now, don't forget to have tissue paper near by to catch your drool...Im just saying...

Photo courtesy of: Facebook group (Cameroonian Cuisine = water fufu & Eru) <--(Make sure you join for more pics!)

Ndole mi yo!

Poisson Braiser

Bobolo with Roasted Pork

You dont need a caption for this, you just KNOW what it is!

Chicken DJ

Okonghobong (To tell you the truth, this name makes me think we are not far from being Cross river state people o lol Although many will beg to differ)

Yum...do you see the pieces of kanda in there? Hungry yet?

Finally, the almighty Water fufu and Eru (This is exactly why, I'll stay Cameroonian till kingdom come!)

I hope you enjoyed the pics, Don't forget to add yourself to the facebook Page, and upload more pics to show the World Cameroons, amazing cuisine...who Knows, Wolfgang Puck might pick it up :-)

Wish you all a nice week, finish it strong!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Picture of the Day

Once again...our President and his stylish wife....07/08/11

P.S: Have you ever wondered why there is always a red carpet rolled out for our President to walk on anywere he goes in Cameroon..? Even during a trip to the bush, the is a red carpet in sight..na wah o, I guess who ever is Obama's PR  must be doing something wrong...

Also have you ever seen them walk side by side?? Now that I think about it, either his wife's sky high talons prevent her from walking fast, or thats what first couples do in public...I can't help comparing them with Obamanos, so I'll stop here...At least they are trying..right?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Africa's Children...

                 These past few weeks, news stations have been over flowing with the riots going on in North Africa, the Sudanese elections, and Charles Taylor's trial...For those who live in these specific countries, their lives have been greatly affected no doubt, some more than others. But it is those individuals whom we rarely hear of in the news, the victims who are forced to fight at a very young age, I want us to remember....They are our childrens best friends, neighbors children, nephews, and nieces...They are the Child soldiers of Africa. During Charles Taylor's time in office, we saw them in the news, when we watch movies like Blood Diamonds, we see their experiences acted out...You need not meet them in person to realize the atrocities they have experienced, all you need is to take a look at a photo, look into their eyes, to see the anger, the pain, how unfair life is...and remember that 7 year old's are not meant to be soldiers...

Photos:Courtesy of Google images...


I was casually browsing the web today, and look what I stumbled upon...I know it is common knowledge alright, but its the first time I at least have seen it on the news...internationally

Basically a new book written by Prof Jean Emmanuel Pondi on Sexual Harassment in Cameroonian universities...

Its been causing some ripples across the country's universities and amongst its students. This is not only a "Cameroonian problem" but rather its a problem faced in many other African Universities. Its there, its common knowledge, people know about it, we all know its wrong, but what's being done about it? Those who completely oppose it, don't have a medium of speaking out, then there are those who ride on its waves to get that degree...Anyhow to each his own...one God for all.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


So apparently our Uncles and Aunties down in Malawi think its improper to mess the air, gas, aka Fart. How can I describe the emotions I felt when I first heard about this apparent "law"...I thought it was funny, so I laughed, then I was left in incredulous disbelief, followed by confusion! Apparently people down in Malawi must fart a WHOLE lot for there to be a law like this :-)

This is how the Law reads

"Any person who vitiates the atmosphere in any place so as to make it noxious to the public to the health of persons in general dwelling or carrying on business in the neighbourhood or passing along a public way shall be guilty of a misdemeanour."

Haha I don die! I just have one question...if you are walking in a public way and you fart, HOW will they know...unless our Uncles and Aunties down there in malawi let it out BIG! oh Afrique mon Afrique...

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Do you know were on the map Seychelles is found? What about Zanzibar or Reunion? Well they are all part of Africa...So why aren't they amongst vacation sea side spots?? Anyhow its better that way, so the rest of the West doesn't run them down, preserve its natural beauty before aggressive business men sink their fangs into it...Below are some photos from Seychelles Islands.

Courtesy of -Paul Turcotte, Pierre Argo, Frank Schneider, Luis Davilla, Angelo Cavalli, Anonyme Resort, Garry Jean Baptiste, Underwater Centre

African man and work, that money no easy o!