Sunday, January 30, 2011


Have you ever noticed how beautiful Sundays always turn out to be? I am pretty convinced God purposefully made Sunday weather amazing so you don't have reasons to give for not going to church...yes, I'm referring to you :-)

A little public service announcement before I continue on my Sunday trip...In refrence to some comments left on my BAMENDA=FASHION..? post, I just want to say this....

You read my blog, It is a personal choice, no be me I force you o, So if you get offended by what I write and decide to stop reading my blog...not to come off as brash..but...How that one concern me? I am happily living my life, writing on my blog..You on the other hand, are reading my blog...getting upset...calling someone you don't even know names...Hmmm. But what do I and my tribal self know :-)...Right? lol..anyhow sha

On a good note since today is Sunday, and Gods day, I will refrain from encouraging tribalism and let these amazing Nigerian gospel songs eradicate any form of tribalism within me. I love love African gospel music, be it South African, Nigerian, Ivoirien, Congolese, I love them all. Below are a few of my faves enjoy

This I absolutely love, although I don't completely understand what shes singing in Yoruba

Although this is old, Its a MUST for every African wedding/Get together

This..on the other hand...I am not a fan of the "Zuchaccini, Chinichaina" but I like the lyrics...

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