Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hello All

Yes, yes, I know..shame on me, it has been a long while, but me I am back (let me say it the way pidgin speakers would :-) Its a new year, heck why dont we end the first month of the year with Marie Antoinette said or allegedly said "Let them eat cake", I promise you she meant to say "CUPcakes" :-D

Here is to all you cupcake lovers! Lovely concept, although I never liked cupcakes , these look scrumptious! :-) Great money saver and different from your traditional cakes for :Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Valentines day, Gift, Office Party, Graduations, Fashion Shows, etc etc etc you name it! Enjoy...

Lolitas Cupcakes
Facebook:Lolitas Cupcakes

Have a beautiful weekend.

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