Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Unaware model in the evenings, student in the day time looking for work, Print or Catwalk any takers?
She has worked with Anna Wintour, to name a few...for other SPECIAL qualities, scroll down...

PSA: She can also cook a mean amala and Ewedu, proposals also welcomed!! All natural yellow color African girl, no bleaching cream like some of you *one side Sudanese, the other side oyibo" people

She will kill me when she sees this! But she is BEAUTIFUL, an AMAZING friend, and I want the whole world to know :-)...and I also like putting her on the spot!

But my whole point is this, you as an African woman, whether, Cameroonian, Nigerian, South African, or Sudanese are beautiful, every inch of you. The media has pushed forward for decades an image of African women, that all the West see when they think of us is, half naked, nappy hair in bakala (cornrows, braids), dark, greasy skin people. But I must say, we are Africa's best kept secret! The beauty God has ingrained within us is not only outside, but inside too. Our strength of will surpasses that of 10 men combined. With that strength we are able to hold down our families, in time of hardship we are the corner stone, we wipe away others tears, while ours flow freely. Yes, I might be the shade of midnight with the glow of the moon on my skin, but I am God's own Woman, and Africa is God's own continent!


E.J said...

Imma HUNT U DOWN PHEBS!!! better hide urself, LOL.

Anonymous said...

hello fellow compatriot.great picture there keep it wishes in all you do.but one question in my mind. how often do you think of coming back home? im sorry how u gonna take this bot i guess i was just thinking aloud.we can talk better here u.