Thursday, February 10, 2011


Happy Feb 11th to all you Cameroonian Youths!

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This is what the Secretary General at the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training, Jeanne Aimée Ngobo Ekotto had to say to us:
He challenged Youths to hunt information on programmes and opportunities for the youth which are available at centres for Youth development initiatives like National Employment Fund, the Ministry of Youth affairs, the Support Fund for Rural and Urban Youth and other youth empowerment structures. (crtv)
The National Youth Employment Week has also been organised to empower the youth on how to face the challenges of unemployment, cyber crime, prostitution and other mal practices in school.Experts argue that these malpractices are as a result of ignorance, hardship and low standards of living reasons why Youths are encouraged to be hard working, proactive and create social networks that would help them share ideas and improve upon their situation.
Is it just me, or you also see something wrong with the highlighted sentence?? These mal practices are as a result of IGNORANCE, (No) HARDSHIP (yes)  LOW STANDARDS OF LIVING (yes) ENCOURAGE YOUTHS TO BE HARDWORKING (yes) IMPROVE THEIR SITUATION (Paul biya na ya work be this)

Paul Biya,  et tout tes Ministère la qui mangent tout l'argent, wuna PAY UP! Its ridiculous to think that EXPERTS will argue that the reason why kids cheat or steal or prostitute is because of ignorance! Yes some of them might do it out of ignorance, but don't you think if they had a good outlet to keep themselves occupied, if they had HOPE for the future, and know that when they work hard in school and graduate at the top of their class, they will have JOBS, then they will aspire to strive harder! All these nonsense Ministers and President who don't know a thing about developing their OWN country. Na every man for himself, God for we all...But the fact that they even held a Youth Employment Week means they are at least trying...Right?

Hmm...I was on top of my Soap Box for a minute.. :-)

Happy Youth Day again!
Btw I posted this a day early thinking its the 11th today...wooo I'm definitely living in the future!

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