Thursday, February 10, 2011


It was reported earlier this week by Cameroon radio and telev. that 13 people including the Mayor of Kombo-Abedino, were taken hostage in Bakassi on Feb 6th, two others were killed...

Many of you, myself included, don't actively remember Bakassi, but lets keep them in our prayers, little skirmishes, arise from that area now and then. Some incidences do not make the national news, while others do...So lets not forget them...For a little history on Bakassi clique ici :-)

In Updated News...this is what the Washington Post had to say today
Cameroon's president has sent the minister of defense to the Bakassi peninsula to work toward the release of 13 government officials kidnapped last week by pirates.
Government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary said late Wednesday that two more people were kidnapped than previously thought. Officials believe the hostages are being held in neighboring Nigeria.
Pirates kidnapped the officials on Sunday, and killed two paramilitary policemen Monday.
No one has claimed responsibility but officials believe it was the work of the Bakassi Freedom Fighters, a militant faction disputing Cameroon's ownership of the oil-rich tongue of land.
Bakassi was officially handed over to Cameroon in August 2008 following a verdict two years earlier by the International Court of Justice.

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