Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I've been incubating for the past two days hence no posts since Saturday...Heck who am I kidding, let me call it what it is, I've been lazy for the past two days, hence no posts :-) Lazy can be a good thing at times, you know..At least in my world~This year so far has been quite eventful and its only the 15th day of February. Which reminds me of February 14th...Retailers and Florists must have had a field day this past weekend/yesterday. Call me a party "pooper" but in my opinion, the world will still spin around its axis alright without Valentine's day. If you wait till a date to show how much you love someone...then something must be wrong with your love, I.am.just.saying...But Happy belated valentine's nonetheless~God is Love~

GBHS Etug-ebe sudents

Today is a good day, why? we finally got a break in cold weather! Goodbye goose down garments, Hello sandals how I've missed you so! All that's missing is a grill in the backyard, roasting fish! Oh how I miss thee Cameroon. Yesterday a good friend of mines asked me if I could still remember Cameroons national anthem, to my surprise, I stumbled through to the end , and even gave a rendition in French that would have made Popol himself proud! It brought back memories of morning assembly in my Yaounde Primary school, N.E.S.S when we had to sing the national anthem, pray, sing a chorus, then march to our respective classes...I HATED those day, chai! can you imagine the disgrace of walking into school late, and getting a whooping in front of the whole school! Disgrace 101, no scratch that, child abuse 101!...Funny enough, what I'll give to transport myself back to those days...
GBHS Campus Etug-ebe

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