Saturday, February 19, 2011


Quote from The Post NewsPaper
The chief cashier at the Douala Central Treasury has been arrested in line with an ongoing probe into the swindling of FCFA 2.8 billion worth of public funds. The suspect, Thomas Tcheuko Ngaleu, was seized at 10pm on Monday, February 14, by gendarmes. His apprehension, according to coworkers, trailed an accounts inquest undertaken at the Douala Central Treasury, by a team of emissaries from the Supreme State Audit in Yaounde, a fortnight before.

Toh Bad oh! 99days for the theive one day for the catcher?? Na wa o...People put their hard earned monies in the bank, well you might have a bribe or two thrown in the mix, but hard earned money nevertheless only to have it embezzeled...

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