Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fashionista Cupcakes

There is no lie about it, I love food, I LOVE food...Sometimes I cook just so I can see food come together, open my fridge and you'll see all types of left overs to last me weeks!
So today i'll talk about more food :-) I've yapped about Lolita's cupcakes before...and ill keep yapping because these things look more like amazing accessories than food! Mothers day in the US is coming up pretty soon, so why not order your own transatlantic, mother's day gift? Give your Ma a taste of Europe! Don't forget too that, Cupcakes are the BEST accessories for Weddings, Bridal showers, Birthdays etc...Or you can also just salivate looking at the pics :-)

Photo Credits:
Models: Madeleine Glatz, Micah Joel, Toyin Ogudipe
MUA: Dimple Patel
Photographers: Angel Sylvester & Caroline Karanja


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Jawara Kampung said...

Woww, its colorfull, hmmm

Anonymous said...

Love your writing but it's not Banyangi, it's I'm a BAYANG girl, I am BAYANGI(or slang- NYANGI) and it's kwacoco.
A bayang girl who grew up in bakweri land