Saturday, January 29, 2011


If ever you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area my friends, drop into the Motherland Kitchen & Spices...


Apparently Marijuana is to be made drinkable, abeg make them make drinkable Banga too :-) ~~I kid, I kid
But someone thought it a wise idea and I think its funny, read more about it on ABC


For those of you following the developements in the news these past few days, I am sure you heard of the rioting going on, first Tunisia, now Egypt. Why are they both important?

1) They are African countries (although America would rather view them as part of the Middle East for their own benefit)
2) The young people rioting because of, high unemployment rates and the government not doing anything to remedy the issue. (Although that isn't the only reason for the riots)
3) The dictatorial reign of Hosni Mubarak (who by the way allegedly is or was planning on having his son succeed him) & Zine El Abidine of Tunis

Aren't all these reasons the same situation for Cameroon, first we have a president who has no intention of going anywhere, people graduate from Universities eveyday with very good GPA scores only to stay home and eat fufu/eru because there are no jobs...Something has to be done...

Unlike Tunisia and Egypt, I remember about 2 and a half years ago when the Cameroonian populace rioted...they were called "Apprentice sorcière" (Sorceres apprentice) by Mr Popol himself (Paul Biya)...And that was the end of the issue

I say lets take to the streets again and run him out of town! police be this?

Yea RIGHT...Bush would rather help the Iraqis for their crude oil, who by the way never asked for his help, before helping the cameronians for their palm oil!

death to the dictator...? lol

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I know these pictures are old and some of you might have already seen them...I just can not resist the urge to repost...its become almost like an evil addiction laughing at this woman's get ups!

Her son is pretty grown, how the years fly by...and I am thinking the person next to him is Frank..?

Someone looks bored...

Have a beautiful weekend.


Hello All

Yes, yes, I know..shame on me, it has been a long while, but me I am back (let me say it the way pidgin speakers would :-) Its a new year, heck why dont we end the first month of the year with Marie Antoinette said or allegedly said "Let them eat cake", I promise you she meant to say "CUPcakes" :-D

Here is to all you cupcake lovers! Lovely concept, although I never liked cupcakes , these look scrumptious! :-) Great money saver and different from your traditional cakes for :Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Valentines day, Gift, Office Party, Graduations, Fashion Shows, etc etc etc you name it! Enjoy...

Lolitas Cupcakes
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Have a beautiful weekend.