Saturday, February 5, 2011


So apparently our Uncles and Aunties down in Malawi think its improper to mess the air, gas, aka Fart. How can I describe the emotions I felt when I first heard about this apparent "law"...I thought it was funny, so I laughed, then I was left in incredulous disbelief, followed by confusion! Apparently people down in Malawi must fart a WHOLE lot for there to be a law like this :-)

This is how the Law reads

"Any person who vitiates the atmosphere in any place so as to make it noxious to the public to the health of persons in general dwelling or carrying on business in the neighbourhood or passing along a public way shall be guilty of a misdemeanour."

Haha I don die! I just have one question...if you are walking in a public way and you fart, HOW will they know...unless our Uncles and Aunties down there in malawi let it out BIG! oh Afrique mon Afrique...

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Do you know were on the map Seychelles is found? What about Zanzibar or Reunion? Well they are all part of Africa...So why aren't they amongst vacation sea side spots?? Anyhow its better that way, so the rest of the West doesn't run them down, preserve its natural beauty before aggressive business men sink their fangs into it...Below are some photos from Seychelles Islands.

Courtesy of -Paul Turcotte, Pierre Argo, Frank Schneider, Luis Davilla, Angelo Cavalli, Anonyme Resort, Garry Jean Baptiste, Underwater Centre

African man and work, that money no easy o!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Unaware model in the evenings, student in the day time looking for work, Print or Catwalk any takers?
She has worked with Anna Wintour, to name a few...for other SPECIAL qualities, scroll down...

PSA: She can also cook a mean amala and Ewedu, proposals also welcomed!! All natural yellow color African girl, no bleaching cream like some of you *one side Sudanese, the other side oyibo" people

She will kill me when she sees this! But she is BEAUTIFUL, an AMAZING friend, and I want the whole world to know :-)...and I also like putting her on the spot!

But my whole point is this, you as an African woman, whether, Cameroonian, Nigerian, South African, or Sudanese are beautiful, every inch of you. The media has pushed forward for decades an image of African women, that all the West see when they think of us is, half naked, nappy hair in bakala (cornrows, braids), dark, greasy skin people. But I must say, we are Africa's best kept secret! The beauty God has ingrained within us is not only outside, but inside too. Our strength of will surpasses that of 10 men combined. With that strength we are able to hold down our families, in time of hardship we are the corner stone, we wipe away others tears, while ours flow freely. Yes, I might be the shade of midnight with the glow of the moon on my skin, but I am God's own Woman, and Africa is God's own continent!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The story I am about to post, many of us have heard different variations of it. Cameroonians or even Africans who go abroad to later return home, only to find a "wife" or"husband". Hahaha...make I laugh small before I continue....Many of you at this point already know were I am heading to so just read the story below and ponder on it....Courtesy of Post News paper

P.s: It is long but you will get a kick out of it, I promise :-)
*Maga don pay=the mugu/mumu/fool has paid

One Eddy Ngassa, was, January 21, detained at the 12th Police District in Douala, for reportedly scamming a Cameroonian woman whose only name the police released as Catherine. Ngassa, who passed for a Black American, allegedly duped her purported fiancée, Catherine, a Douala-based hair dresser, of FCFA 4 million.

The story goes that Catherine, like many Cameroonian girls these days, had nursed the ambition of getting married to a wealthy white man with the hope of making quick money

Hence, in the course of one of these desperate Internet searches in 2009, she landed on Ngassa, who presented himself as a Black American.

He is said to have claimed he had learnt French during business trips to France. A "romantic" relationship is said to have rapidly developed between Ngassa and Catherine, with both exchanging pictures, with Ngassa sending but fake pictures of himself as being a Black American. He also reportedly promised to enable her "lover" realise her dream by bringing her over to the US and marrying her. Catherine is said to have broken the "good news" to her mother, who threw all her support behind the venture.

Meanwhile, the purported Black American fiancé set some conditions for Catherine to fulfil and then move over to join him in US. It is reported that Ngassa demanded that for Catherine to demonstrate her seriousness, she would be the one to raise the money to obtain her passport, visa and air ticket. Then, he would take over everything including her family's needs. He also reportedly advised Catherine to contact a young Cameroonian friend of his living at the Eleveur neighbourhood in Yaounde, who would help her to obtain the required documents and air ticket.Catherine is said to have contacted Ngassa's purported friend. Unknown to her, the Cameroonian was in fact, Ngassa, who told Catherine that FCFA 4 million would be required to obtain all the documents and the air ticket which, he said, had to be presented at the US Embassy for the visa.

Catherine is said to have sold out her hair-dressing equipment, withdrew all her savings and even borrowed some money but all could not make FCFA 4 million. Her mother and family members had to raise some money by selling property and borrowing to enable Catherine make up the amount. Catherine then handed the FCFA 4 million to Ngassa.

Ngassa Vanishes

A few weeks after Ngassa received the FCFA 4 million, he stopped contact with Catherine. The purported black American fiancé also stopped communicating with Catherine and his e-mail address also went out of function. It soon dawned on the young woman that she had been duped.Throughout the rest of 2009 and 2010, Catherine searched for Ngassa in Yaounde and Douala, in vain. Then, on January 21, 2011, she coincidentally met Ngassa at Banamoussadi in Douala. She gripped him and raised an alarm. Ngassa was taken to the 12th Police District where he swore that he had never met Catherine before. He was, however, detained as the police opened investigations. The Post learned that the police soon discovered that Ngassa was recently released from New Bell Prison where he is said to have spent a year for scamming another person.


Maga don finally pay, shout halleluia haha. This story is wrong on every level, but funny....If you have even crazier experiences, please do share :-)


Is Cameroon the only country without a national airline...? Well apparently, as of March 28th 20011, Cameroon will have a newer revamped airline company AGAIN. The new Camair Co headed by Nigerian Afrik Air developer Alan Vanet has been given a 60 day deadline till its first flight. The company is expected to begin business with 420 employees and four aircraft's including the DJa. Where they will fly to has not yet been made public...

All power to the first few people to fly with the airline--because me so, I go need na a whole 5 years for gain confidence!--But I am happy Cameroon is stepping up, and hopefully this ushers in newer things to come! New year, new beginnings...right? :-)

Aseh eh, their website too nah how?? They need to amp it up if they are going to market effectively! On a good note, they are hiring for many positions. Those of you looking to relocate, here is your chance, simply click here


Simple but lovely iLike...A little more length will be ideal for the real world

Monday, January 31, 2011


I was browsing through the CNN website today and look what I stumbled upon!

African women and the weave/braid/wig wearing culture. Watching it, I realized how very true it is that in Africa, you look around and see the majority of women with some sort of synthetic hair on. Be it green, red, yellow, brown, wetti you no fit see (what can't you find). Some women actually pull off the wig wearing, weave whipping, while some just look hideous in it. Some wear wigs...while others wear WIGS. By WIGS here, I'm talking about the ones that you see and immediately think, "massa! ton cheveux la ce comment noh" lol But anyhow, this video just stroke a cord and I thought I should share it...Enjoy

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Have you ever noticed how beautiful Sundays always turn out to be? I am pretty convinced God purposefully made Sunday weather amazing so you don't have reasons to give for not going to church...yes, I'm referring to you :-)

A little public service announcement before I continue on my Sunday trip...In refrence to some comments left on my BAMENDA=FASHION..? post, I just want to say this....

You read my blog, It is a personal choice, no be me I force you o, So if you get offended by what I write and decide to stop reading my blog...not to come off as brash..but...How that one concern me? I am happily living my life, writing on my blog..You on the other hand, are reading my blog...getting upset...calling someone you don't even know names...Hmmm. But what do I and my tribal self know :-)...Right? lol..anyhow sha

On a good note since today is Sunday, and Gods day, I will refrain from encouraging tribalism and let these amazing Nigerian gospel songs eradicate any form of tribalism within me. I love love African gospel music, be it South African, Nigerian, Ivoirien, Congolese, I love them all. Below are a few of my faves enjoy

This I absolutely love, although I don't completely understand what shes singing in Yoruba

Although this is old, Its a MUST for every African wedding/Get together

This..on the other hand...I am not a fan of the "Zuchaccini, Chinichaina" but I like the lyrics...