Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pic of the day

Mom Bakes 3 year old..?!

Wonders shall never end in this America, something new every day...
Mother puts her 3 year old baby, in oven..and oven  was on...I'll stop here can't even continue without throwing up!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Man pours acid on woman.

African Man meets African woman
African Woman is beautiful
African Man asks African woman to marry him
African Woman says no
What does African man do?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Who doesn't remember Del Monte bananas...yum, apparently they are parting ways with CDC in 2013...I guess CDC isn't profitable for then any more. But our very own man Manu Dibango partnered with CDC, the Ministry of Argriculture and several other individuals to create Cameroon's very own Makossa Bananas! I kid you not, thats the new name for the bananas. I hope those bananas can dance a mean Makossa :-)


Apparently Mamfe is to get a university...soon.

This is Mamfe Road I guess only people already in Mamfe will attend that university...or it will be open only in the dry season!


Last Thursday, a fire broke out in a home day care around 1:40pm in Houston Texas. The fire left 4 out of 7kids dead, and a few more in critical condition.

Why is this important, fires happen everyday, people die everyday, right? Well not when it could have been prevented. The kids who died were all between 16months to 3years old. How did the fire start?

Madam Babysitter left oil on the stove with the burner still turned on. Went down the street to do grocery shopping, was in there for 13mins, came home, house filled with smoke. Yelled for help, at the end of the day, 4 kids are dead. After the fire, police started questioning her, on Saturday, she jumped bail, is now somewhere in Nigeria.Shes just 22 years old...

A lesson for all of us, never ever leave kids unattended even if you're taking a trip to the restroom, leave the door open so you can still hear/see them. How many of us have forgotten pots on the fire only to remeber when we smell burnt food, I'm as guilty. When it comes to man ei pikin, shine your eye well well, e no easy o! read more here