Sunday, January 8, 2012

Food Diaries

Happy New Year!!!...8 days later *laugh*

There's something about an even numbered year...something wholesome.Hopefully that would mean no more procrastinating! *Yea right* Lol

Oh well, I do what I can. Needless to say, the World is definitely self destructing. From Nigeria to Syria. Terrorists causing havoc every where even for village sef...Na real wa. In the meantime, ...I've been wanting to blog about my food adventures, I have tons of pictures but for what ever reason can't seem to log into blogger...can I get a *Lazy* Lol. Anyways...The week after Christmas, I had an inspiration to make kwakoko & Banga soup (My very FIRST time)...Needless to say it ALMOST tasted like the real deal. I have resigned myself to eating substitutes till I take another trip to the Mother Land! The pictures below will speak for themselves you be the judge Ha!On a side note, I can now see why Africans are plagued with Cholesterol! I felt like I was eating something, highly oily/fatty/urgh but it was soo good. If I'm really serious about this New Year Calorie counting diet (Lol) I won't eat it again! we'll see...

For the Soup, I got canned palm nut cream, Cocoyams (which I grated...Ive got grated fingers to prove it :-). I got plantain leaves, which ended up being a waste of money because between warming them on the stove-cleaning-trying to keep it all intact, it ended up in a huge pile on the floor. I got frustrated and wrapped the rest in aluminum foil.

Et voila!

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DMC luv said...

I love it and i would try it ASAPPP!!!! :) Then i'll refer back to your blog :) DMC LuV