Saturday, January 14, 2012


There's just something about weekends that gives a feeling of optimism!...maybe its just a psychological change in how you approach each day...? Oh well, my first real Saturday off and I must say, appreciating it to the fullest! Sunny, bright, easy breezy Spring-like day *running barefoot, through a sunflower my mind*

As you can see, typical Texan landscape, not much of a view.

At least the trees are still green

...and the sun is shinning like no man's business :-)

So moving on. This Nigerian protest thing is really making the news o hm! Definately mixed feelings about it. My thought is, what the governemnt is trying to do, theoretically makes sense, but practically I don't see how taking such a sudden step will benefit the masses...But I'm no politician, so I'll leave the discussion to those who know best. On the other hand, what exactly is the criteria for joining the Nigerian police?? or should I say most African police forces? For people who are supposed to protect the masses, their brutality is more than common criminal sef. The pictures which have been circulating online are just...just...*lost for words* Imagine if we had a 911 system, abeg, I'd think twice before I call am! You don't know what kind of person will be showing up at your door. But not to generalize, I know there are a few good ones left. On a side note, who knew the President of Guinea Bissau died last week in Paris?? Its funny how certain things don't make the news, or maybe its just a side effect of listening to American run news stations...? Oh well, have a blessed weekend guys.. For those in Naija wuna stay safe.

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