Friday, July 13, 2012


So I woke up this morning to amazing news....Ralph Lauren's US Olympics Team outfits are OUT!! RL never dissapoints in the Classics arena and let me tell you...if I could afford most of his clothes, I'd preorder the Summer Olympics line right this moment!! (Berret is $55, Blazers $598-go figure)

The Blues, Whites and clean lines he uses are *picture hand to the lips-french style* chouette. #TeamUSA will most definitely have my vote for BEST DRESSED-COHERENT Team...

1st row second from  left...I see you Lochte :-D
The "Pantalon sotee" "high waters"  aka (pants) with the kicks...Simply awesome

Les "yor" et les "yoryette"

weh eh which time Caneroon go reach this level? make we start contract our own designers them for sow we own ashwabi noh! I can picture the African teams with their Ankara/Print bottoms or tops or shoes or..or...
This is definitely an Idea I think an African designer should think about...Especially nowadays when major  designers are using African print, can you imagine the media attention if #TEAMAFRICA showed up in Ankara/print...

Sigh..if wishes were horses

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