Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Entrepreneur Series: How I Met "The One"

It was a beautiful Summer afternoon...actually that's a lie. It was quite hot, as Texan summers go. I had run out of gas, can you imagine. I hate stopping for gasoline. I've said this time and time again, but someone needs to invent a way to refuel your car automatically. Drive up to a filling station, push a button and have the pump do its thing. You get my drift? and no I am not lazy :-). I usually drive as long as I can on reserve tank until I know I'm about to cross the point of no return before I stop for gas.

Anyhow back to how I met "The One". So I'm standing by the roadside with my hands fluttering helplessly while trying to figure out who to call for help..then I look up. Walking majestically towards me is the most idea. Yea, sorry to disappoint you, this isn't what you thought it would be :-D. Although If I do ever run out of gas, I have my 4in heels in the back seat ready to whip out...just kidding.

However the subject of today's post is just as important. Like most people, as the year 2014 draws to a finale, I've been thinking a lot lately about what I have accomplished so far. Its been a very very long eventful year as a fully fledged Entrepreneur-wanna be. 2014 was the year I decided to make all my business ideas official. I launched out into the to speak. OH BOY has it been a ride! My heart still cringes when I remember the 20 large trays of food I had to toss away, claiming a big fat whopping loss. Or that one time my car got stuck in the mud after my GPS led me down a lonely dirt road straight into the Forest at 12am. But these are all stories for another post coming soon after this one.

The most important thing I gained this year was finding/having people who spoke my hearts wise. As an Entrepreneur, you have to be very very careful about who you share your dreams, visions and partnerships with. You have to find people who compliment you more so in the beginning than at any other time. People who have the same end goals, who speak the same language, who have the same drive for success as you do, people you can trust with your life basically. This little big thing will either break or make you. Finding the right partners in business is nothing short of a blessing. I thank God because He has brought a few people my way who have been instrumental in fostering my visions. He has given me a few "The One's". The "One's" who take my dreams and show me how they could be bigger. The One's who grab my ever dying phone (If you know this, then you KNOW me lol) just to make sure I actually fall asleep. The One's who make sure I actually do cook for myself. The One's who stay up all night with me and are available on a moments notice. The One's who helped me financially. The One's who listened as I ranted and raved. The One's who calmed my fears. The One's who kicked my behind to continue running when I burned out. I could go on and on because I have been very blessed in this area. They are the reason why after year 1, I am at the cusp of something amazing...

So you, what are you reminiscing about as the year ends? I would LOVE to hear from you. Share your funny entrepreneur/non entrepreneur stories with me down below.


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