Thursday, October 9, 2014

Zahara - Loliwe

I love love African music although I am no connoisseur. I recently stumbled upon Zahara's music.  I am totally in love with her sound. Its very...calming, smooth, raw, very authentic. Enjoy!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


The most rational article I've stumbled upon on Ebola. It is worth every single minute you spend reading it; knowledge is power. The scary face of Ebola is not the disease itself, rather it is our reactions as Humans to the disease. The stigmas, ignorance and hatred that spews out of our hearts towards its victims...With the death of Eric Duncan, I've seen very emotional outburst trending on the topic. The hospital he died in, my Mom worked there a few years ago, we went there on many occasions. The apartments he lived at, we lived right down the street from it. (Not that it matters, but something to think about. That particular hospital and his apartment is located in a section of town with a higher rate of low income families/immigrants).

I know quite a few people in the medical field who come in contact with patients every single day. If you are familiar with Dallas proper, then you know Texas Health and Presbyterian are really the main hospitals. So this isn't a random incident, it happened close enough to home. However, we all need to take a deliberate step back, stick to facts and attack this epidemic from a rational perspective. I don't think ( or would like to believe in the absence of strong evidence) that they "let him die". A lot of us are working based off opinions and emotions. With that said, the reason the disease got so out of hand is because it was deemed an "African" problem. "US" vs "Them".  I understand that African governments left ALOT to be desired with their first responses but Ebola isn't a new disease. Its been around for 38 odd years, its infection rate was a known fact. The plan after news broke of the disease was to isolate the disease, stigmatize the people, then compare it with our Western facilities to convince the Western populace that theres no way the disease would reach us. But in the event that it did, we have far superior facilities. The West takes a reactionary stance to everything that concerns "developing countries/continents"and unfortunately, Africa is no China or Iraq or Syria. The stigma is VERY real. I find myself having to wade off ignorant comments everyday at work concerning Africans.

"People in the African continent are more regarded as an abstract statistic than a patient in the U.S. or Europe," he said. "How many individual stories do we know about any African patients? None. They are treated as an indistinguishable crowd."  (

Source: AndrĂ© Carrilho/Andre Carrilho

Educate yourself and your children concerning the disease. Stop making insensitive comments about the disease or the ethnic populations affected most by it. Heres a direct link to the article, read and leave your thoughts down below.